Facebook Advertising for beginners

Are you a beginner, eager to launch a successful Facebook Ad campaign for a charity or non-profit organisation. If so, this comprehensive course is tailored to provide you with all the essential knowledge you need to get started the right way.

From setting up your Facebook business manager, ad account too launching your campaign, we’ll help you avoid common mistakes and equip you with the necessary skills to make a meaningful impact with your advertising efforts.

There will be a maximum of 12 people per course to ensure it can be a hands-on learning experience. The course will run from 10am – 1.30pm with a break 11.30 – 12.00pm.

It will be interactive, with lots of opportunities to ask questions.

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On completion of this training, you will:

Who is the course for?

This Facebook Advertising for Beginners course delves into the practical “how-to” of Facebook ads, tailored specifically for anyone working in a fundraising or marketing role. 

Learning Path

How to set up a Facebook Business Manager and Ad Account. Learn ways of protecting your ad account by complying with Facebook ad policies.

List the steps need to launch your first Facebook ads campaign.

  • Ways to test your first Facebook campaign.
  • Describe ways to create your ideal audience.
  • List different types of Facebook ads and learn which works best.
  • Avoid common mistakes made by new advertisers.
  • Select and develop unique and eye-catching ad images.
  • Ways to make appealing ad headlines and text.
  • And much more. 

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