Google Ad Grant Management

At Social For Good Ireland, we understand the power of your Google Ad Grant and how it can increase your organisation’s impact.

Maximise your visibility, drive donations, and raise awareness of your charity with our Google Ad Grant management service.

What's Involved

The Google Ad Grant offers charities & non-profits $10,000 USD in ads per month to advertise on Google Search engine results pages. Our service allows charities & non-profits to get the most from the grant and ensure your making the most of your online presence

1. Book a Free Consultation

Book a free consultation by contacting us so we can discuss your Google Ad Grant campaigns. 

2. Grant application or reactivation

We will help you apply for the Google Ad Grant or reactivate your current account if it has been suspended

3. Campaign set up and launch

Based on your objectives for the year, we’ll develop the campaigns and ads in your account, based on keyword research conducting using professional tools.

4. Maintenance & Reporting

We will optimise your campaigns weekly, ensuring compliance with Google Ad Grant policies. We’ll also meet on Zoom to report on your ad grant results and to develop to campaigns


Monthly Google Ad grant Management from €550 per month. ( 3 month minimum term)


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